Monday, January 24, 2011


GUILTY? yes, i am. uh, fyi, i am a little bit rude to my parents, especially mom.. a little bit? no, i think not 'a little' actually, but, too too much. today, my mom asked for my help, but i refused. haih~ what kind of daughter i am? i actually ok jer tolong, saje acah2 mlss nk tlg.. hahaha.. tpi, mama dah merajuk, she asked along to help her.. she called me, and of coz the way she talked is differ.. sad. i make mom sad again and again. i text mom asked for forgiveness. but, she didn't reply.. always like this. mom always not replying my sms, but, if the sms is from along or angah, she WILL reply it. how sad~ thats why i always said that mom didn't love me.. its true pon kan?

i always scolded by dad for being rude to mom. i know it is my fault. but i just cant talk properly to mom. thats doesnt mean i dont love mom. i just dont know how to show my love. haih~ but, deep in my heart, i love you mom!!

trying to be a good daughter. but, its hard :(