Friday, November 25, 2011

taec <3

currently, this picture is my handphone wallpaper, DP for facebook and avatar for twitter... :) he's damn cuteee here.

Monday, November 21, 2011

money money $$

haha, as we know, $$$$ is important in todays world, YES , i do love money, in order to gain money, i need to work hard! be a millionare always being my ambition since long long time ago.

today, my youngest sis is going to korea, and i'm jelousy.. hahaha.. i want to go too, but think about the payment, i'm not from a rich family . so, its better not to go .

and today, i asked mama to go for a vacation too but hahahaaha.. keep dreaming la farhana :) i dont blame her. she's already working hard to make all her daughters and son happy..

so, wake up farhana! study hard, gain more money, and the world is yours. haha.. insyaallah, i will study for the empat rata.. i'm going to travel around the world, with my own money :)

p/s : don't teach me anything that you yourself don't do ! terima kasih .